Your Digital Marketing Agency is Wasting Your Money

MiDA Group eCommerce Solutions - We'll Show You Why

The Current Agency Offerings Aren't Designed for Your Business


(Large Known Agency Leaders)

Outdated agency mindset focused on keeping clients no matter the cost to the client

Recommend partners they have relationships with, not partners best for your business

Recommend strategies that give them the best commissions, not the most efficient strategies

Overpriced – baked in costs include their overhead, their oversized staff, and their overabundance of tools that are used on other clients, but not needed for your business


(New Small Agencies)

Pitch new ideas that they’ve seen pitched on Facebook or blogs from so called “gurus”

Use so called “growth hack” strategies that they claim can grow your business faster than it actually takes to grow a business

Make you their guinea pig, charge you for hours they are learning how to do something, or cost your company thousands of dollars testing out unproven strategies

Desperate to hold onto clients they are more likely to lie to keep your business

Inexperienced "Marketers" are Costly to Your Business

Whether it’s a large agency hiring & teaching fresh out of school media buyers, or a small agency trying to start their own business, more often than not you have inexperienced “marketers” handling your extremely valuable marketing budgets. Don’t let misguided marketing strategies hold back your business from doing better than it currently is, or worse, have a serious negative impact on your company before a point of no return.

How Can We Make Such Bold Claims?

Because we’ve experienced it first hand as former agency workers and marketers at big & small companies.

For example, Daniel (one of our cofounders) started working for Initiative, a large agency, fresh out of college. With no previous experience, he was handling huge budgets for Dr Pepper Snapple Group & Best Western. He later moved to work in the marketing department for Capital Brands where he held the relationship with their large agency BPN. After that, he worked at a growing start up company called Gravity Brands where he handled the relationship with a smaller agency called 7 Degrees. With agency background and new gained experiences, he chose to audit his agencies and found major flaws in their strategies. He was able to point out in the data how much budget was being wasted with negative ROAS. Feel free to check out Daniel’s LinkedIn to see his experience for yourself.

Proven Marketers with real experience

While we work with large clients like NutriBullet for all digital marketing needs, we specialize in what matters most for a Small-to-Medium sized eCommerce business. From our experience, these are currently the most effective ways to grow your business. MiDA Group is ready to consult on or fully handle any/all of the following areas for your business.

Email Marketing

Are You Missing Out on Easy Sales?

Turn More Leads into Customers

Increase Lifetime Value

Paid Search Marketing

Google AdWords, Bing, Gemini

Get in Front of Users Searching for Your Products/Services

Find Your Most Valuable Keywords
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Google Analytics

Looking at the Wrong Data Can Be Costly to Your Business

Track Data Most Valuable to Your Buisness

Optimize Based on KPIs
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Facebook Advertising

Powerful Direct Response Marketing

Efficiently Acquire New Customers

Scale Paid Social Marketing Campaigns at a Positive ROAS
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SEO (Organic Search)

Don't Miss Out on Free Traffic

If Google Can't Find You, Neither Will Your Customers

Let Us Optimize Your Website
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Google Tag Manager

Ensure All Your Media Channels Are Tracking Data Correctly

Track Data Across All Your Media Channels

Leads, Add to Carts, Purchases, Revenue, and More
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Consulting across NutriBullet’s digital media channels, we’ve ensured that email, social, search, and other digital executions all work together for the eCommerce side of their business. Testing new engaging landing pages for each media channel has been a major key to successful digital campaigns. We will create successful landing page executions for your business with proper testing and data optimizations to find what works for your audience just as we’ve done with NutriBullet.


MiDA Group isn’t your typical digital media agency.  We started the MiDA Group after gaining agency & client side experience. A typical agency focuses on showing results for one specific category they are hired for. They provide reports only showing data points that make themselves look good.

The MiDA Group’s sole purpose is to help grow your business efficiently by reducing redundancies in audience targeting, improving conversions rates, increasing ROAS and optimizing your user acquisition funnel. We’ll show you exactly what the data is saying, even when it’s not pretty, because that’s what you need to see in order to improve your business.

Start Improving Your eCommerce Business Today with One of Our Audit Services


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Companies Kicking Ass with MiDA Group

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Adam Klein | Marketing & Business Development

"MiDA are experts in the digital space. Following their strategies, we've been able to eliminate wasteful spends, conduct various A/B tests to unlock efficiencies, and grow the eCommerce side of our business."

Vera Cai | Pellatini CEO

"MiDA Group has drastically improved our ROAS while growing our eComm business! They pinpointed where we were wasting ad dollars within our marketing strategy and turned our abandoned carts into returning sales."

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Is Your eCommerce Strategy or Agency Performing Efficiently for Your Bottom Line?

MiDA Group is currently offering FREE audit services for any of your digital marketing needs. Whether you want to better understand how your digital media spends are performing or want a deep dive of your site page rankings & conversion performance, we have a great data audit service for your business.