Let MiDA Group Do an eCommerce Performance Audit for You.

Whether You're Relying on an Agency or Running Everything Yourself, You Deserve to Know How Well Your eCommerce Strategy is Doing and What Opportunities for Growth You May Be Missing Out On.

Our Audits are Data Driven. We Specialize in Looking Through Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads Manager to Find What's Working Best, What's Inefficient, and Explore Opportunities for Growth. Don't Have These Tools Properly Set Up Yet? We Can Provide Advice on What You Should Get Setup for Your Business and How to Go About It.


Paid Search, Paid Social, Email (Choose One)
Limited Time Offer
  • Analyze Campaign Structure
  • Media ROAS Performance
  • Explore Wasted Spends
  • Best Opportunities to Scale
  • Ad Copy Performance Analysis
  • Ad Creative Analysis
  • Unbiased 3rd Party Advice

eCommerce Audit

All Digital Media + Site Audit + Competitive Research
$ 499
Limited Time Offer
  • Full Digital Media Audit
  • Full Site Performance Audit
  • Media Cannibalization Analysis
  • Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Competitive Research Report
  • eComm Performance Grade
  • Strategy Outline for Growth
Today Only

Site Audit

Page Rankings & Conversion Performance + Audience Breakout
Limited Time Offer
  • Google Analytics Deep Dive
  • Search Console Status
  • Page Engagement Analysis
  • Page Conversion Analysis
  • Explore SEO Opportunities
  • Geo & Demo Analysis
  • Unbiased 3rd Party Advice