EMAIL MARKETING & Customer Retention

Why Email is Your Most Important Marketing Strategy

It’s much easier to get a potential customer to give you their email then it is to get them to purchase the first time on your site.

Once a customer gives you their email, they become your most valuable audience segment. They have shown at least some interest in your product or service. All that’s left is to convince them why they should try you out.

It doesn’t stop with that first purchase either. Email is the best way to remind them why you’re great, and continue to interact with them.

Email Can Either Annoy Your Customers or Be Their Favorite Salesman to Hear From Depending on Your Approach

Don't Miss Out on Your Easiest Sales

Your email marketing strategy should work with all your marketing strategies. That’s why we don’t only specialize in email marketing, but multiple eCommerce channels.

We will use data driven approaches to find your most efficient channels for email acquisition. We usually see the best results from Facebook & Google Adwords, but can track any channel for you.

Our segmentation strategies will convert your leads into customers and improve LTV. With proper testing, we’ll provide engaging emails to the right segments that drive sales.

We Know How to Grow Your Email List, Convert Your List into Sales, and Increase Your Customers' Lifetime Value (LTV)

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Email is essential to our business here at MiDA group, and it should be a top priority for your eCommerce business as well.

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