Google Tag Manager

What is GTM & Why is it Crucial For Your Business?

Google Tag Manager is a free tag management system from Google. Once placed on your website, GTM can be used to transport useful data from your site to other platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Adwords & much more.

GTM is also used to host 3rd party pixels on your site. This can be anything from a retargeting pixel to pixel code for an email pop-up partner.

Another useful case of GTM is the ability to write custom JavaScript DataLayers & JSON code that help with data collection & SEO.

Set Up Data Triggers, Remarketing Pixels, Google Knowledge Graphs for SEO & More

Why Don't You Just Use Your Web Dev Team?

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to, after all GTM is basically a container tag that is filled with developer code. But do your web developers have a digital marketing background? Do they know your marketing goals? Do they have SEO experience?

The common answer for most developers to the above questions are no. They have crafted their skills for much more complex code. In fact, most of what we use GTM for is purely to use the backend code they’ve created for your site (whether it be your team or Shopify/other provider code) to communicate better with your data tools, paid media partners, and Google. We are eCommerce marketers that know what you need GTM for & how to communicate with your web dev team if needed.

Your Web Developers Don't Know Your Digital Marketing Needs & Probably Have Other Website Problems to Solve

GTM is a Tool We Use to Make Us Great at Everything We Do

MiDA Group is an eCommerce Consulting Agency that has experience doing digital media work for major players such as Dr Pepper Snapple Group

While we know the digital space in and out, we now focus on Small-to-Medium sized businesses ranging from Pellatini to Magic Bullet/NutriBullet in the following areas because we’ve found these to be the most crucial for eCommerce success in the current digital space:

Google Analytics Data Audits, Facebook Direct Response Advertising, Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engin Optimization (SEO), and Email Marketing.

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