Close Sales With Strong Landing Pages

What Makes a Strong eCommerce Landing Page?

How does a door-to-door salesman make sales? If he just knocked and asked you to buy his product would you? Likely not, you just met this guy and you didn’t ask for him to come to your house. He needs to catch your attention quick, and ask you small questions that you are likely to say yes to (often pain points, problems you wish were solved, tired of those stains?) before getting to the big question to buy.

If you think about it, a salesman is very similar to a digital ad & your website. You have to catch a users attention quick with the ad, and once they click, you need to sell them on your product/service. But they don’t know or trust you yet, so get them to take small actions. Every engagement or click you get with your user is one step closer to them feeling comfortable enough to buy.

Engage a User Getting Them to Take Small Actions Before Taking the Action You Want Them to

Let's Discover Your Best Landing Page Formula

No two companies are exactly the same and every sector has a different audience profile. We don’t have a magic trick that automatically works for every company.

What we do have is enough experience to know how to formulate an initial landing page strategy. After that, we use data to test and optimize until we find out what works best for your eCommerce business. We use tools like Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager to accomplish this. We’ll see where drop offs are happening, where time isn’t being spent, and which pages are driving your funnel goals.

It Starts with a Strategy, but the True Success Comes After Testing & Data Driven Optimizations

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