Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Are You Missing Out on Facebook Sales?

The days of paid social marketing being solely a branding play are long gone. Not only can Facebook ads manager track leads & sales once setup properly, it also has one of the most robust audience targeting capabilities in the industry.

If you’re not using Facebook & Instagram as a media channel then you’re leaving money on the table. If you are using Facebook, but aren’t seeing the ROAS you want, let MiDA Group help improve your strategy. You’ll love our data optimizations & engaging landing pages approach.

Facebook Advertising Will Become Your New Favorite Direct Response Marketing Tool With Our Strategies

Why Our Strategy Will Work For You

We don’t promise a cookie cutter solution like other agencies. If there was a simple formula for success, anyone would be
able to do it.

We succeed for companies by setting them up to win with proper structure.

First, we ensure the correct data funnel points are being tracked for your business goals with the help of Google Analytics & GTM.

Next we setup a clean campaign structure: prospecting audience segments, retargeting site visitors, retargeting add to carts, excluding purchasers or cross selling purchasers. This ensures that every dollar spent is efficient.

The last key to success is our love of testing. We will test creative & messaging per segment, A/B test landing pages, analyze the data, and then retest again to continuously optimize.

Campaign Sales Funnel Structure, Audience Segmentation, Data Driven Optimizations

Start Crushing Paid Social for Your Business

Facebook advertising is one of the fastest ways to scale if done properly. You can introduce new users to your brand at a very efficient cost, and once we create the best strategy for your specific business you’ll see positive ROAS while building awareness.

Fill out this contact form to start a conversation about what we can do for you. Let us know a little bit about your business: size, goals, target market, how your current Facebook strategy is going/if you have one, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.