What is Search Engine Optimization?

Why Isn't Your Business Ranking on Google?

Most marketers have heard of SEO, but many don’t understand it. The first step is to have an SEO strategy within your site – optimized page titles & content, proper internal link structure, strong meta titles & meta descriptions, code designed to communicate with Google Bots. The second step is offsite optimization – gaining backlinks from websites, social channels, YouTube videos. You at least need your onsite SEO optimized for Google to rank your company name, but if you want more free organic traffic for product/services terms, both need to be optimized.

If Google Can't Find You, Neither will Your Potential Customers

Don't Miss Out on Free Traffic

Our first step with any new business we work with is to ensure the necessary setups are in place & then explore the fastest opportunities for organic search growth.

Website connected to Google Search Console – Track organic page rankings.

Proper page titles, url structure, and website interlinking are in place.

Add Google structured data to your site – We use Google Tag Manager.

Onsite page research – use Google Analytics to find your strongest content.

Competitive keyword research – find SEO growth opportunities in your space.

Setup outreach strategy to gain backlinks.


Invest in SEO Today to Efficiently Grow Your eCommerce Business with Long Term Free Organic Traffic

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SEO is one of the best investments you can make for your digital marketing efforts. You’ll love the efficiency of organic traffic.

MiDA Group handles other digital marketing needs as well: Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, Paid Search (SEM), Data Analysis.

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